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It's Easier To Lead When You're Doing Most Things Right

It's easier to lead when you're doing most things right. Or think about it in reverse: can you think of a leader that you didn't respect, didn't work very hard, or didn't live by the values they talked about? DID YOU FOLLOW THEM?

It's hard to follow leaders who don't practice what they preach. We want to follow leaders who work just as hard (if not harder) than anyone else in the organization, we follow leaders who aren't afraid to do anything in the organization. We follow competitive leaders, who want to win, who care for people, and who want to do big, hairy, audacious things. We follow leaders who want to do more than just make money - we follow leaders who want to change lives.

Now, as a leader - this is your sign to do a self-assessment. Which camp do you fall in? Are you practicing what you preach? Are you leading by example? there room for growth and change? No one expects perfection. But your people do deserve someone with following. Only you can start the process of self-assessing. And now is a great time to start.


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