Celebrating the over 7,000,000 graduates this year!

Celebrating milestones is something I am terrible about! I have purposefully worked on setting reminders on my phone for various events such as birthdays of family and our people, work anniverseries of our people, dates of marriages or dates of lost loved ones. But there are also opportunities in celebrating many other achievements be it at home or work with our teams or families. And we must all get better at celebrating our people’s or family’s achievements. At this current time, there are normally grade school, junior high, high school, and college graduations occurring across the world. These are milestones in lives that are the norm of celebrating, but at this time, no graduations of an

The Top Objectives to Having Successful Outcomes to Difficult Conversations

Who has felt the pressure to have a difficult conversation lately? Have you had something you needed to tell a member of your team that is underperforming and needing some words of clarity on expectations? Have you needed to tell your spouse something you know they don’t want to hear? Or does your child need some firm words of love on discipline or boundaries in a current situation between the two of you? I talk on this routinely, because no one ever taught us how to have difficult conversations. And our universities certainly don’t know how to do it because they typically don’t have them. Difficult conversations are often had, that end in complete devastating failure where cutting words get

Longevity of Relationships and Businesses Typically is a Result of One Thing

There are many things that affect the lifespan of relationships and businesses. We all have had many different friendships and a number of us have been in business for a good number of years or been able to observe businesses. In any relationship, be it a marriage or friendship, or any business where there are partners, the health of those relationships typically ebbs and flows based on one thing. There is one thing that leads to the typical growth and continued development of a marriage or friendship or partnership in business. We all have disagreements, conflicts, and even arguments. But it isn’t the disagreement or argument that is the problem. Those things are simply “symptoms” of very c

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