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Dr. Nels works with business owners, like you, to create a roadmap for your entrepreneurial goals. Make a plan, and he can hold you accountable. It's all about doing what you love and changing lives in the process!

Life & Business CoacHING

Business Coaching

​Business isn't easy.  We most often just want to do the work, have teams execute work, and go home when the day is over.  But, as we find out, business is easy until people get involved.  We sometimes feel like we are alone on this island, with no one to talk to on our people challenges, strategy decisions, and day-to-day tactics.  This is where we can be of great help!  You aren't alone, and we are here to help you!  We can visit with you, your operations, and develop a fully customizable plan based on the clients needs.  Top priority areas businesses commonly looking for help in are the hiring process, creating or changing the culture, getting teams to follow leader's leads, building effective communication for the organization or within teams, growing trusting teams that execute at high levels, handling conflict and having crucial conversations, and business transition needs or opportunities. 

individual Coaching

​None of us have the ability to grow others until we have grown ourselves.  For each of us to be highly effective and influential leaders, we must have "raised our own lid" with knowledge beyond us or what our current knowledge base is.  For Dr. Nels, this journey of self-improvement began in 2008.  He was leading a team of people, growing a business, and had no real clue on how to effectively lead and grow people, influence team members, or inspire others to do the things that inspire them.  And one day he looked in the mirror and realized "I was the problem", and "I was also the solution."  Most of his business coaching truly begins with individual coaching.  Dr. Nels helps you have a better ability to handle conflict, have crucial conversations, how to truly show you care for your people, with actionable items to take to intentionally grow yourself.  



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