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DR.NELS' Story

Dr. Nels' leadership journey really began in 2005 after graduating from Vet school. It was at that point that he realized his place in the work world had changed. Since 6th grade, when he started working on a farm, he had always been told what to do. And after graduation, even as an associate veterinarian he realized all of a sudden people were looking to him for answers on what to do and solutions to their problems. 


As his career journey advanced and led into ownership, he had no clue how to lead or manage people. At the time ownership was a means to make more money.  What he soon realized was the goal of purely making money didn’t grow people and didn't make him an effective leader and didn’t get him where he wanted to be. 


After the practice was purchased there was a period of rapid growth, adding more people, which unknowingly lead to adding more chaos. Dr. Nels started to realize he had to work to make things better on a day when he found himself speaking to the entire staff in a manner not acceptable to his own personal expectations. He knew he must change how he did things. 


This set Dr. Nels on a new adventure to his journey of self-improvement where he realized he was the problem and the solution. He learned that before he can lead anyone he had to grow and improve who he was as a person. 


Over a 10 year journey, Dr. Nels' mission has changed from making money to a much more noble mission of changing people's lives through very intentional teaching, required reading for all those involved, and very specific daily practices. 


He suddenly went from enjoying making money to helping and watching people grow. What excites Dr. Nels the most is watching people change their life by leading them to places they would never go without the right leadership. 


Today Dr. Nels has been in practice as the vision and guidance for its mission. He is also a veterinarian feedlot consultant working to dive deeper into the people aspect of the feedyards he consults. He is also a founding partner in multiple other businesses working to provide his people growth and development skills, leadership practices and development, as well as tactical and strategic thought processes to those partnerships. 


Today Dr. Nels is a sought-after speaker on business, life, and leadership. He consults entrepreneurs and businesses on those topics as well as diving deeper into daily tactics, and future strategic planning for the business and its people. 

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