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Embrace The Chapter

We've all been through some hard things. We've all been through those "time stand still" moments. 9/11, the JFK assassination, or the Oklahoma City bombing. We all have those events - maybe even personally. The phone call that changed your life forever. The phone call that you recall vividly.

We have been there. August 7, 2020 - we got one of those phone calls. And we embraced the chapter. We chose our mental mindset from the beginning - lying in Wesley Medical Center and it was in those moments we realized that this journey was going to be long. But as leaders in our family - as parents - we had to choose to embrace the journey. We had to choose the silver lining. Choose optimism over pessimism.

I am convinced that in everything, in every event there is a lesson. But it's a matter of whether we will be open enough to learn that lesson, learn from those events or not.

Check out the rest of the story here:


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