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Dr. Nels is a true inspiration, motivator, and change innovator for business owners, entrepreneurs, and community leaders. He’s raw, genuine, passionate, humble, and engaging. He’s spoken globally in front of 10,000+ on his experiences with leading from the trenches. His approach to building winning organizations, overcoming obstacles, and working across generational lines is straight forward and easy to implement. If you are looking for a dynamic public speaker for your next event, Dr. Nels is well-known for getting people to realize their potential and giving them nuggets of wisdom they can start using the very next day. Send a brief message and tell us more about your event:

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Speaking Topics

Building Invincible Trusting Teams That Last

This talk was built based on years of observations, failed actions on my part, watching other failed actions by other leaders, and doing and seeing what truly works in the trenches in the pursuit of building and growing relationships, teams, businesses, organizations such as churches or government.  I am a foundational guy always looking to solve problems with strategies that are core to any issue, not on the surface.  And this sort of thought process to problem-solving is never a quick fix.  It is a methodology that takes significant time, intentionality, a desire in the pursuit of greatness to be vulnerable, and a pure soul looking to create massive trust that can weather the nastiest of storms, the most turbulent of times, and the deepest dark moments imaginable to man.  This talk will give you the uncommon strategies, principles, and knowledge to build invincible trusting teams that last.

Culture and Core Values

Every business, family, organization, team, or church as a culture, it's a matter of how healthy is it!  And for many of us, we are so focused on working in the business, rather than on the business, that the culture gets lost in the daily chaos.  If we as leaders aren't intentional about forcing the culture, others in the organization are busy forming the culture to their desires.  This talk takes a dive into how we work to intentionally create or change the culture through strategic core value formation.  It is also can serve as the birthing place of your core values if you so choose!














Hiring and Firing - 20 Years of Real-World Experience

No one ever taught us how to hire or fire.  And there certainly is no college course taught by a qualified professor that has significant real life experience in this arena that has been found to truly help a leader in an organization truly get better at this aspect.  Truth is, most busy leaders don't truly enjoy this aspect of leadership, and therefore we truly don't dig in and learn how to get better at it.  For Dr. Nels, he found that he failed at it enough, that he needed to dig in and learn how to get better for the life blood of his businesses.  This talk is designed to give you some solid tools to put to work immediately in your hiring process.  And if you want to dig deeper, feel free to find his book on hiring and firing for a deeper look.













Creating Healthy Conflict and Having Successful Crucial Conversations

how can we resolve these and succeed?

We all have conflict and times of crisis that can either tear things or relationships and teams apart. Or we can use these times to pull together as a team or family and grow stronger and better together. Not one single person virtually ever teaches us how to handle these treacherous moments for success, and this talk is designed to do just exactly that!











The Intangibles of Success in Life and Leadership

This talk is a culmination of Dr. Nels's years of being a "noticer" and a sponge while observing, learning from, being mentored by, working for and working with some of the most successful people on the planet and the intangible traits these highly effective and successful people have. We like to discuss tangible objectives for success, such as hiring, effective meetings, tactical and strategical objectives, core values and culture, but there are some intangible traits these great leaders hold we take a look at to inspire you to step up your game!








Bridging the Generations - Turning the tug of war into a locomotive 

Millennials has been a term of negative connotation. But we believe in this generation and the rockstars that many are. This talk dives into the strengths and weaknesses of Boomers, Xers, and Millennials, not just the constant trendy topic of Millennial weaknesses. We must understand that the Rockstar Millennials are better than us at many things!








The Fundamentals of Transitions in Leadership, Ownership, Decision-Making, and Power

This is a talk that has taken Dr. Nels his entire lifetime to develope.  It is a lifetime of observations of his own dad's transitions, to watching other businesses transition in ownership or leadership, as well as his own business transitions.  You will learn some of the painful mistakes he made in some of his transitions, some that his father experiences, as well as the every day real life changes in leadership and ownership of businesses he consults.  These crucial errors you can learn from too to help prepare you or your team for these moments in time so that the life of the team or organization goes on seamlessly without their leader or owner.  Or help new owners be able to communicate more effectively with their new team and the challenges and great things ahead.  Dr. Nels can help clean up ugly transitions, or help prepare organizations for upcoming transitions so that there are no unsuccessful "one day events" that are very painful.  The goal being to make any transition healthy and very intentional so that team members that have fear of the unknown in these processes be more comfortable with what is happening around them daily.

Building Your Bench

Every team has members that may not be on the team tomorrow.  The reality is, we all can have something severe happen to us to the extent we can lead our team suddenly.  The other reality is, we all need to make ourselves replaceable so that your noble business or team can go on without key people.  Building a bench is necassary for a business to play the infinte game.  Building a bench helps build strength, depth, character, and success on any team.   Your noble team depends on the leadership to build a bench so that the institution goes on successfully.  Let's get intentional about it!

Thriving In Adversity

On August 7, 2020, The Lindberg Family's life was changed forever.  Dr. Nels received on one of those "time stands still" phone calls and Karen, his wife, let him know their 12 year old son had been shot.  Nash, their son, nearly died, but survived, after suffering the near fatal gunshot wound paralzying him from the waste down.  You will hear from him and his son their journey of faith, pain, healing, hard work, and perseverence to not only survive through an absolute devastating spinal cord injury, but thrive in the adversity their son Nash experienced.  This talk will not leave a dry eye in the room, and will arm you with opportunities for you in your own walk in life and adversity.

Leading From The Trenches - Objectives to put to work Monday

We all are good at our job and what we do, and when that occurs, we often find ourselves in positions of leadership. Our formal education was good at making us good at our job, but no one taught us how to lead. This talk takes a deep dive into specific, usable, tactical, and very practical leadership opportunities to help grow your team and people. If you want to take action, this talk will fill your notebook with ideas!

How to Retain Our Rockstars and Attract More

We often complain about how there are no people out there willing to come to work.  But have we ever looked at our current team, and thought deeper on how do we keep the rockstars we have?  Dr. Nels wrote a book on hiring and firing over 3 years ago, and right after he wrote it, he knew the book could help people, but he had to help people focus on retention of their rockstars.  This talk takes a dive into every day real world strategies and opportunities on how to keep our valued people on our teams, and work to create a contagious environment to attract others.



Practice Opportunities Abound!

This talk is a look into the mind of Dr. Nels and how he grew a practice from a $750,000 practice to over $6,000,000. We often think about hard asset and equipment practice growth, expansion, or acquisition, but the greatest opportunity may be to look at practice opportunities in a different way. This talk will give you very practical advice and ideas for you to grow your practice or business on Monday!



Financial Intelligence and Strategies For Millennials

Millennials are now over 50% of our workforce today, and many of them are strapped with debt that Dr. Nels believes we as leaders must help them gain knowledge on how to be financially intelligent at higher levels so that they may set and attain the financial goals your people may have. Dr. Nels believes we as leaders must grow and help your people achieve their passions and dreams outside of work so that they may achieve their greatest success at work. And this talk looks into the possible ways of accomplishing this!


Communicating To Lead In A Very Busy World!

We learn to communicate on very basic levels as we grow up and go through school. But no one and no education system has the ability to teach us how to successfully communicate at very high levels in life and business. And even more importantly, males inherently are poor communicators and must intentionally work to grow in this intangible area of opportunity. This talk takes a look at how Dr. Nels failed at communication opportunities in his life and leadership, while then diving deep into the study of highly effective modes and patterns of communication to create clarity in this crazy world where communication methods have never been made so easy.

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