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We Don't Want to Be Like Them

I was listening to a podcast last week while enjoying my windshield time, and the person being interviewed does some leadership coaching to Dabo Swinney and his Clemson football team. They were discussing Dabo's interview for the job, when he was told by the interview committee, "We want to be like Michigan, Alabama, USC. We want to emulate what they do and be the very best like they are." And his response was so awesome. He said, "No, no. You all have it wrong! My plan with the Clemson football program is to not be like them, my plan is to be the organization that everyone else wants to be!"

Well, fast forward a few years, it looks like he is well on his way to establishing that kind of presence. What an impressive resume and record he has been building. And it has come through an impressive compulsive passion of motivational leadership, beginning from day one of motivating his team every single day that they could be the best and would be the best.

The mind is a very very powerful organ, and if we believe and set our mind to a given goal and work extremely diligently towards accomplishing it day in and day it, ignore all naysayers, we will likely accomplish it. This discussion was had last night as I was working on delivering a breech calf from a deep bellied cow, and my short little arms couldn't reach the legs to place them in position. It just so happened Dr. Nick showed up, and he jumped in to help. Through some diligent teamwork, we were able to get the calf delivered, but as we were doing so, our conversation with the owner turned towards "telling ourselves we can do something" vs "telling ourselves we can't do something". It doesn't matter if we are coaching the Clemson Tigers football team or pulling a breech calf. Even under the most challenging circumstances, we must tell ourselves, "We can do this!" The minute our mind says, "We or I can't do this.", we are done, and we will not be able to accomplish whatever we are trying to accomplish.

To that end, though, it is our everlasting goal to not just be the best vet clinic in the midwest, but to be that vet clinic all other clinics want to be like! Just like Dabo Swinney and the Clemson Tiger football team! We all can have that very same fanatical attitude of greatness no matter what we do! But is up to you to make that choice and to reach your full potential, be it as a leader of your business, a parent, a teacher or coach, a kid, a spouse, or a committed member of any team or tribe! Be that organization or person that everyone wants to be!! Happy Leadership Thursday! Cheers Amigos!#LeadershipThursday #KeepAtIt #ChangingLives #PassionForPeople

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