Are You Addicted To Fear?

Chaos creates distractions. Chaos creates more chaos. It seems to be the odd world we live in today. And as things close or open, we social distance, and listen or read the news, we often get more confusion or chaos in our brain. To me, two things happen or have been happening. 1 is, even for me, it can be difficult not to tune in to the news and the fear that they create. It’s like an addiction. I have been good about not tuning in to the news because it presents little value to anything I am involved in. But, one can be a little nervous, feeling the need to stay informed in uncertain times and feel the need to tune in. And 2, in the chaos and the storm, we get pulled away from our convicti

Demand Christian stewardship of the things at our fingertips

Social media is driving our bus. Social media and media are establishing the direction of our world. Think about that for a minute…Let that sink in… 30 years ago, we as humans determined our daily direction. We went about our day, working, parenting, taking care of the daily details. Not today. Today, we all, me included, we consume some form of social media, media news, social media news at frequent rates equaling multiple times a day. We often can’t pull ourselves from it. Today, everyone has an opinion, and everyone has the opportunity to share it. 30 years ago, in order to share your opinion (otherwise known as an editorial, or which our kids have no idea what that is) you had to

Stand By Those Convictions

In the book “Good to Great” by Jim Collins, there were 5 recognizable traits of successful businesses lasting over time that separated themselves as “great” businesses vs “good” businesses. One of those 5 key traits of great businesses was having a set of non-negotiable core values. These core values are a set of rules for the actions and behaviors of its people that allow the organization to pursue and attain success over multiple generations. There are some things as a person or as an organization in which we should not stray from in terms of our actions and behaviors for us to reach our maximum inner greatness, but unless you commit to a set of core values, one likely won’t move from “goo

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