Your heart is like a greenhouse, our thoughts are the seeds, and your mind is the doorway to our gre

Max Lucado teaches us your heart is like a greenhouse. Our thoughts are the seeds, and your mind is the doorway to your greenhouse. What we feed our mind, goes right through our brain and prefrontal cortex, then on deeper into our brain to begin to formulate our thoughts. Our heart is the powerhouse of our bodies, and it allows us to grow or decay. What we feed our mind is the water and the food we feed the seeds and that is often tainted water or food that is not healthy for our seeds or growing plants. I recently allowed some “seeds” into my greenhouse, as I thought I could walk through their “doorway” and plant a couple of seeds (thoughts) and make some real change. Followed by a littl

If you feed your fears, your faith will starve. If you feed your faith, your fears will starve.

Does anyone remember Y2K?? I sure do, as my dad was running 3 different banks at the time, and just in my conversations with him while I was in vet school, I recall the somewhat fear he had from the coming end of the world from the media advertised worldwide computer crisis. My dad worked in a corporate bank at the time, and I am certain, given my knowledge of how corporates work, they had blown the coming Y2K into mass oblivion. Dave Ramsey was discussing this mass hysteria time frame of Y2K, many of you given your age don’t recall, recently. People in December of 1999 were in full-on panic mode as it was thought that the software of all computers would crash because they weren’t going t

Weathering the Coronavirus Crisis

So now, the entire country has been under full-blown mass hysteria and anxiety of Coronavirus Covid-19 grips. For many, you haven’t experienced this sort of panic. For some of us, we recall other panic nationwide situations such as the 2001 Trade Towers attack. We are at the same point of 2001 when you couldn’t turn on any tv, newspaper, or website without being fully consumed by the current situation of Covid-19. At this point, you can’t get away from it on the news or the mass exodus of TP from every store option on the planet. When there is chaos and unknown things like today, we must focus on truths and facts. As leaders, at home or work, we need to create stability, first by creating em

Just Keep Cheering

Our daughter has always been a little bit more of the quiet, reserved type - never one to want to be in the limelight and always a little nervous about trying something new. She has a huge love for people and is one of the most generous souls I have ever known, but it takes her a little bit to warm up to people and feel comfortable. I have no doubt that she gets some of these traits from me. Given that information, Nels and I were both a little surprised when she asked to try out for club volleyball in the 4th grade. I was SO proud of her for being willing to go out on a limb and try something new. She ended up making the team, and we watched her confidence grow and her tough shell start to

Is Sensationalism filling your “INcome box”?

Sensationalism sells. Sensationalism is the #1 goal of any news or media organization on the planet, outside of maybe a very select few. If you are over 40 years of age, you have watched the news reporting journey over the course of our lifetimes evolve. Being over 40, most of us can remember when the local news wasn’t all about murders or local drama. We can also remember when NBC Nightly News or The Today Show wasn’t so heavily skewed to the liberal side of thought processes. 40 Years ago, you had to listen to the radio or be at home to turn on the television to get a morning or evening dose of the news. The news was much slower, and consequently, fewer events were reported and at fewer t

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