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You’ve Got To Give Up, To Go Up

Most all people in life want to naturally achieve more in life or want to do better in life. It is fairly natural for most all of us. The challenge in those things is our actions often don’t align with what it takes for what we want to attain. These simple or complex things are basic goals. Sometimes they could be as simple as getting someone called by the end of the day to schedule a meeting, or could be getting a book read by tonight, or could be as complex as meeting a targeted revenue goal that will take a series of actions to get there. Most often, we have a to-do list of daily goals, maybe even weekly, monthly, or yearly, but some sort of an execution item list to accomplish what we need to accomplish in order to achieve our goals. And it is our daily habits that typically dictate whether or not we accomplish our list of goals or one big goal.

But thinking just a little deeper on the subject of goals. We talk about the basics, they must be specific, written down, measurable, and a deadline. Such as the team behind Dr. Nels and Leadership Thursday, the goal is to write one post a week, emailed to the team by Tuesday each week for them to post on various social media outlets. It’s specific, measurable, written down, and has a deadline. But the real key behind every single goal is the simple fact that in order to achieve anything we set our mind to, we have to give up something to attain what ever it is. I typically need to shed a few pounds off my “not so young anymore, over 40” physique! So what do I need to give up to get there!? If one wants to lose weight, they likely have to simply eat less. Or maybe give up family time or work time to work out. If someone wants to be a star basketball player, they may have to give up time with friends to dribble around the neighborhood, or shoot hoops when everyone else is out socializing. Or maybe the goal is to get drama out of your life, and that usually means what people are you going to give up to get rid of drama. Or if you are going to be an entrepreneur, you may have to give up virtually everything, friends, family, workout time, etc, for the first 6 months to a year to get the business up and running.

We all have goals. Or we all should have goals! If not, start by googling the Zig Zigler Wheel Of Life Goals worksheet and get that part started. But from there, we must fully understand, to achieve much of anything significant, we must be willing to sacrifice some part of what we currently do. We must be willing to give up something we most likely enjoy or like, in order to get there. If you aren’t willing to give “that something” up, you will likely not achieve your goal, be it a very simple daily goal or a long term big hairy audacious goal. We all must give up to go up. It is that simple! So today, what are you going to give up, to go up. Give up something that really has no positive direct impact on your success, and take up something that brings real value to your awesome being! And it doesn’t have to be anything huge either. Start somewhere even if it is as simple as shutting off the tv for the evening and reading a book, or putting away all electronics for all meals to enjoy a family or work lunch or dinner. Start now! Execute with no delay, today! The world needs you to! Happy Leadership Thursday!! #KeepAtIt #LeadershipThursday #ChangingLives


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