Our Top 5 Parenting Blogs

We love the community that we are building with all of you leaders, parents, business owners, and rockstars! Now let's dive into our most read blog posts about parenting! 1. Dyslexia - Navigating Through Struggles 2. Your Family Needs You Too! 3. Just Keep Cheering 4. Guardrails for Social Media and Social Media 5. Sex Ed With My Son and Life Discipline

Finding out our new norms

We are all looking for normal. We all want normal back. And we often hear people talk about the “new normal”. And I think we can all agree, there will be a new normal. Much like after Y2K, 9-11, the 2008 Crash, and now COVID, with each of these events life and things changed in certain ways forever. The #1 way I believe things will change with a new normal will be sanitation practices will be improved and much more strict in several ways, and businesses and facilities. Those things are the tangible new normal. But I think the #1 reason we all want normal back is for the intangible mental state reason. We are getting back into the “known” with less unknown, but there is still much unknown. Th

Real Leaders Are Forged in Crisis

I have been talking about lately how uncertainty creates a leadership opportunity, or even better, uncertainty creates a ton of leadership opportunities! Leadership is a privilege. We also must understand the leadership reputations are made or lost during times of crisis. And in these times it is important to reaffirm and reinforce the privilege and responsibility of leadership. We do this by defining reality, share the real fears and anxieties, give hope, use common sense, keep people focused on what we can control not what we can not control, and lead with the utmost integrity. Those are the 6 steps to leading in a time of crisis, so I ask each of you, review each of these 6 steps and it

The difference between Postivity and Optimism

Today is a great day! That is if you are choosing to make it great! There are many things in our control and many things not in our control, but control over our mind and the state of our attitude is a choice. And right now, choosing to have a steady diet of doom and gloom from any media source will likely greatly affect your control of your mind and state of your attitude. Talking on these things is more of the definition of thinking positively. Now, if we look at it from another angle, we look at it from a mental attitude of not thinking positive but an attitude or mindset of optimism. When we think with positivity, we more or less ignore the realities around us whatever negative environme

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