Adversity, Are You Fighting It or Are You Fighting Through It?

We all face adversity at varying points in our lives, to varying degrees. Some face more adversity and obstacles than others, and we often ask “why me?” In facing adversities, we can even get buried by them shifting the course of our lives forever. The worst adversities I have experienced or seen others experience that can have the most profound effects are things like the loss of a child, a divorce, loss of a parent, dissolving a partnership, failing in leadership, a child making a bad mistake that changes their life, or a child or anyone on the receiving end of a bad decision by someone else that changes their lives forever. There are many adversities to life and many obstacles that show

Mac Says Have A Great Day!

We were driving to school to drop Mac off for her day, and as we drove we were praying as Karen had started that tradition a couple of years ago with our kids. Praying with them each day as they drove to school. So we prayed. Then as we get there, she always had her ending words of encouragement of “Go be awesome” or “Make it a great day” etc. And today, Mac gets out, turns and looks back to say goodbye and I love you, she did something different, and a first. She looked back and said, “Make it a great day Dad!” Simple words, but I had never heard her tell me that, and the words struck a chord. Simple words. But so much brevity and “life” behind that event and those words coming out of a 12

Adjusting to Our New Normal

This article originally appeared at MWI Animal Health in print and online! As we have all moved through this coronavirus pandemic, practices have been forced to adapt to environment demands, adopt new practices to conform to customer-accepted needs, and live in our “new norm” of today’s society. When the coronavirus pandemic began, we all started to talk between practices often asking “What are you doing?” or “Have you gone curbside yet?” The initial outbreak created uncertainty for all, fear in some and opportunity for others. It is in these times of crisis or epidemics that we, as humans, tend to deal with these four things: a decreased ability to focus on things beyond the epidemic; a fee

Real Victims vs Choosing to be a Victim

As I sit here at Madonna Rehabilitation hospital, I am reminded virtually every minute that life is ever so precious, and things can change forever in a split second. As I have been telling people, if you think you have it bad, just spend a couple of weeks here, and you will rise and shine every morning with a big smile and make it a habit to give thanks to God for your many blessings! I sit here this morning, as we now are getting very good sleep and I am getting back to my early morning automatic wake up time of 430 to 5. I just got back in the room and the charge nurse was at the main desk station, and she said “man, you are such an early riser.” And I said, “well, I haven’t been for abou

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