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As we break bread today exercise your thankful muscle

It’s Thanksgiving Day!! Happy Thanksgiving!! This has been the craziest, likely the most memorable year of our lifetime! Or so we hope! Yet, even amid the pure craziness and adversity, we shall find a way to give thanks! We give extra thanks today, and we give thanks every day.

I think all of us yearn for a day like today. A day filled with faith, family, friends, and true thankfulness. While 2020 has seemed to blow the socks off of normalcy for what most see in a negative light, most everyone still has a life to be thankful for. Most of us have a life full of people and possessions to be thankful for. Under our roof, we teach our kids that all that we have and all that we are is not our possession. All that we have, every last possession, belongs to God. We own nothing! Our God owns every possession and every detail, we are simply placed on his earth to manage those possessions and details.

So today, we shift our mindset from our possessions to our people. And reflect on those we are thankful for and why. Because being thankful breeds contentment. Being thankful is a strong indication of the level of maturity. Our next step is to verbalize to our people why are thankful for them and follow up by telling them why we are thankful. Simply telling someone we are thankful is a kind act, but telling them why is a noble inspiring act. We look to be kind, but we also have the goal of inspiring those we are thankful for to continue to grow and act in a way worthy of great thanks!

When was the last time you said thank you? When was the last time you told those in your life thank you and why you are thankful for them? It’s not about our possessions, it’s about those very special people around us. Because we know without them, we have nothing.

So today, we give thanks, but we think and reflect on why, and we verbalize the “why” to inspire them on in their journey! Do it today! Maybe even as you sit around your table and break bread together, exercise your thankful muscle with your people!

Our Prayer Today – Amazing God, We thank you, Lord, for the abundance that is making my life richer, for blessings filling my life right now. Thank you for loving me and being with me right where I am and for divine ideas that are helping me prosper continuously in every area of my life, now, and in the future. We give you all the glory and praise forever and ever! Amen.


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