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Are You Addicted To Fear?

Chaos creates distractions. Chaos creates more chaos. It seems to be the odd world we live in today. And as things close or open, we social distance, and listen or read the news, we often get more confusion or chaos in our brain. To me, two things happen or have been happening. 1 is, even for me, it can be difficult not to tune in to the news and the fear that they create. It’s like an addiction. I have been good about not tuning in to the news because it presents little value to anything I am involved in. But, one can be a little nervous, feeling the need to stay informed in uncertain times and feel the need to tune in. And 2, in the chaos and the storm, we get pulled away from our convictions, our core values, our normal routine. Nothing seems to be routine at this time, and normal day flow has changed, and for the longest time, no school, no kid activities, you can’t visit a friend or family member in a hospital or nursing home, and we couldn’t even attend church.

For point #1, we have a very high number of people now addicted to fear, addicted to tuning in to news or varying media sources that propagate fear, for fear if one doesn’t tune in, they may miss out on something. But, the great news is for each of us, I have done the research, and have figured out that if you don’t turn on your news source, you will miss absolutely nothing! You will miss absolutely nothing that will keep you alive if you get COVID. You will miss absolutely nothing if Biden gets elected or if Trump gets elected! So why are we tuning in! I could see it several months ago, but today, we all need to turn it off! Quit feeding your fears, and we need to stop our addiction to tuning into our favorite media sources. Not a single one is helping you in your personal life, your work life, your parenting life, and any aspect of your life you are working on!

For point #2, well, it ties in to point #1, in the middle of a storm, it is all human’s natural reactions to stray from our core, stray from our core values and convictions, stray from our normal routines because we have gone into survival mode. But we have reached a point in time, we know what is going on, we are more informed and educated, and we need to get back to our convictions. We need to get back to our routines. Don’t let this chaotic storm distract you anymore. Yes, there are things we still must do differently, and we know what those things are. But, for many people, our train got thrown off the track in March, and some still haven’t got back on track! Get back to your routines, your daily workouts in the space you can, your devotions in the morning, your studies that grow you, your reading of books rather than reading some stupid social media outlet.

This addiction to fear, and being addicted to watching the news that started in March is a very real thing. Even for me! It’s an addiction just like alcohol, drugs, gambling, or porn. The addiction has gone on for almost 5 months now. And you may need some help to stop! Stop feeding the addiction and turn it off! They aren’t helping us! Get back to your core values, your routines, and your life! Don’t let the news or social media stop you from getting back to your life!

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