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The difference between Postivity and Optimism

Today is a great day! That is if you are choosing to make it great! There are many things in our control and many things not in our control, but control over our mind and the state of our attitude is a choice. And right now, choosing to have a steady diet of doom and gloom from any media source will likely greatly affect your control of your mind and state of your attitude.

Talking on these things is more of the definition of thinking positively. Now, if we look at it from another angle, we look at it from a mental attitude of not thinking positive but an attitude or mindset of optimism. When we think with positivity, we more or less ignore the realities around us whatever negative environment might be and work to will our mindset into thinking life is good and we will make good things happen. When we think about optimism, we don’t ignore the realities around us, we embrace them. We embrace the challenges we may be facing, and we choose to not deny reality, and we believe the future is positive. We understand that the current is very tough and rough, but that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and we will get through this.

For me, I believe both thinking positive and being optimistic are required traits of the most successful intangible leaders. The human spirit feeds off positive energy and our souls are guided by the frank belief that the future and God has better things in store for us. Some may say you are being naïve. Some may say life isn’t all unicorns and rainbows. Some may say you are ignoring reality and when things are bad, people want the facts. And some of those statements could be considered correct when thinking about the definition of positive, but none of them are correct if you are an optimistic leader, of your home, your business, your family, or your circles. An optimistic leader embraces the reality in the here and now but believes and knows we will get through this together.

Right now, even I have my daily emotional cycle journey of the current times. Even I have my struggle of being optimistic at times. There are moments of great optimism, yet there are moments I allow my mind to be eaten up with a diet of too much doom and gloom. I have my daily concerns on our practice or my daily concerns on the feed yards I visit each day, or my concerns on my kids and their ability to survive and thrive at home while out of school on a premature basis. The concerns are there and are real for all of us. That is the reality, and it is okay to have these emotions and concerns. But, we can not control many of these aspects. We can control our presence in each of these environments, our attitude, and our actions to help keep things, people, and objectives moving forward. We can choose to be positive or negative.

Beyond choosing to be a negative or positive today in how you show up where you are, what is your choice between thinking optimistically or pessimistically. There are many cold and stunning realities around us we must embrace, but we have the post embracement choice of believing we will get through this or we believe we won’t get through this. For me, I 100% believe no matter how dire the situation gets in the here and now with any event, I will always believe there will be a light at the end of the tunnel and we will get through this. We may have to battle like hell! We may have to pivot, realign, call in reinforcements, and make bold decisions, but we will see ourselves, our teams, and our families through the nastiest battle Satan challenges us with! The sun came up this morning, which gives us hope and reminds us of the good as Satan continues to test us! Believe and work with me! Feed your soul what it needs! And help feed the souls of others needing your help!

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