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Sometimes bad things happen for your own good

The year was 2005 and my wife had been approached about a new job that looked to be a better opportunity for all the right reasons. She wasn’t looking for a new opportunity but opportunity knocked. At the time we hadn’t matured enough to pray on things such as this, but with some discussion and our knowledge alone, we thought was good enough to make the decision, and Karen took the job. She began work, meeting new people, and gained some very valuable knowledge along the way. Fast forward a couple years and the birth of a set of twins, the business wasn’t doing very well. Challenges were too great and my wife and others were abruptly let go. And with one day in the life, one door just closed.

And most often times when a door closes in life, people become frustrated, even angry, may feel betrayed, lose trust in people, saddened, lost in the storm of life, disgruntled with the man above, and most often asking the question we all ask in challenging times of life, “Why me” or “why did that have to happen”.

Fast forward a good number of years and a lot of great times, some deep and unabiding relations ships formed, some business opportunities, we sit down, reflect, and fully understand the door that initially opened for my wife, the door that later closed, resulted in the many other doors that opened because of the one set of doors opening and closing. The relationships and opportunities that have formed and developed from that frustrating time period have been life-changing for both my wife and me.

New doors that open are often much more fruitful, fulfilling, and positively life-altering than one door closing that feel like may have permanently destroyed you as a person or professional, and maybe even caused some people to hang of the “Closed” sign permanently on life, relationships, happiness, or business.

But it is up to us to have faith, and more importantly to have patience and trust in the process. The younger we are, the less patience we have, the less we pray for “the process”. But we must have the courage and wisdom to trust the process. Somethings will be painful. Some things will be gut-wrenching and leave enormous scars physically and on our souls. But have faith, keep grinding, trust in the process. You are being moved, don’t force it!!

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