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Attack the Problem, Not the Person

How many times have we been furiously angry at our kids or spouse or team member, to the point of total uncontrollable attack mode spewing venomous words and nails like an automatic air gun nailer!? Well if you haven't, I've got ya covered!! But thank goodness I am on Nels version 10.0! This slide is my reminder to count to 1000, or walk away, or go to bed and sleep on it, whatever it takes to not spew poison at that other living, breathing, human being.

Anger is a form of poison and often causes us to say and do things to people when we think they have done something wrong or created a problem. And when we do that we think we are going to fix the problem, but all we do is create anger and frustration to that person. We open the door for them to not trust us due to our reaction. We may also cause our child, or wife, or team member to start to maybe even begin to "close their heart" to us.

Whatever the situation, we must do what it takes to respond and not react! I have reacted more times than I can count in critical turning point situations. We must remember that words create worlds, be it your world at work or at home! Words can build confidence or deflate a soul. Words can be a therapeutic or a poison. Words can attack a problem or a person! We must attack the problem looking for a solution! Our performance in those situations create people, create the future, and it is our choice how we respond. And with each breath, new life with each word possess the power to achieve great things! What a great opportunity we have! Cheers amigos! Happy Leadership Thursday! #KeepAtIt #ChangingLives #LeadershipThursday #PassionForPeople

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