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Be a Part of the 10% - Not the 90%

Books… Man I hated reading growing up, matter of fact, I still don’t like reading books! I was so bad at it, I was actually in remedial reading as a 3rd and 4th grader. There was an underlying reason, but that’s another story. But, I still don’t enjoy sitting down and reading a good book. For me, with all the road time, I do greatly enjoy listening to audio books, and Audible is the best app ever!

The sad part is that only 10% of the population buys books, and the not surprising statistic is that 90% of the population buys TV's. Neilson Ratings reported in 2016 that the average American watches 5 hours and 4 minutes of TV per day. Holy smokes that’s a lot of TV! So, for today, I think we need to start a new day to mirror Meatless Mondays, and start a "No TV Sunday" or whatever day you choose! After all, I’m not sure why we watch any of this total trash that is filling our airways, our minds, our kids thoughts, or our thoughts. We have to think about the fact that “we are what we consume."

We are what we think about All. Day. Long. If we think about our world coming to an end as every news network tells each day, we will think that. If we watch Honey Boo Boo, we will become Honey Boo Boo. If we watch the trashy Kardashians or some superficial housewives show, drama will likely occur to us. The best part is, in our household, my wife just doesn’t turn on the TV. She has a rule that basically the TV doesn’t come on. And I’m the biggest breaker of that rule! But we have essentially stopped watching TV, yet pay the outrageous bill so we can watch "Diner, DriveIns, or Dives" when we go to bed or catch the occasional K-State game.

For all of us, we should all realize what is on TV for the most part is complete trash and our time is worth much more than that! And our minds are worth even more! Our minds get skewed by this trash, and there is no use watching. At the end of the day, what value does it bring us? I used to think you had to watch the news to stay up on current events, but there is no need, because it is only ambulance chasing killings, or our biased news media making us think we are evil. We must realize we are an awesome people, and we must expect more out of ourselves.

The world needs us to step up our game. Our kids need us to step up our game. Our people need us to step up our game. The first step is to “consume worthy information” that brings value to us and those around us. Did you know the average millionaire reads one non-fiction book a month? They aren’t watching TV! So why should we? Start No TV Sunday, or even every day, and dig into some awesome reading that “fills your cup” with greatness and helps you “raise your bar”, raise your standards, and bring the best version of you to our society, to your spouse, your kids, your family, your people around you at work!

I promise in doing so, you will bring the most value to those around you than ever before! Promise! Lord knows the trash on television is bringing no value to anyone, but the employees of that business being paid to spread hate, drama, and discontent to all our lives! Here’s to No TV Sunday, and Every Day! Our people, our families need it! Cheers amigos! Happy Leadership Thursday! #KeepAtIt #LeadershipThursday #PassionForPeople#ChangingLives #NoTVEveryDay

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