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Your Customers Will Never Be A Bigger Fan Than Your Employees

Think about that phrase for a second: "Your customers will never be a bigger fan than your employees".

So often we are so eager to serve the customer and make sure they are taken care of (and rightly so), that we forget and neglect our employees and team members. It's easy to forget and take for granted the people that help make the business run.

If you're a business owner or you manage a business - what steps are you taking to ensure that you are caring for your they can, in turn, care for your customers? Each of your employees has a story and it's important to know that story and to know them personally. The fact of the matter is that if you aren't coming alongside them in their journey - both professionally and personally - and showing them that you care, they will never be your organization's biggest fan.

I would encourage to you take 3 minutes and watch this video and maybe gain some ideas and thoughts on how you can care for your team.

Cheers, amigos.


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