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Hold On To Me - by Karen Lindberg

I am in no way a singer or even remotely musically talented, but I feel a lot of my connection to God spurred through certain songs. I listen to Christian music more than any other type of music when I am driving and sometimes, I feel like He nudges me with certain lyrics right when I need them most. It’s almost as though that’s His vessel when I am not being quiet enough to listen. Lauren Daigle isn’t my favorite Christian artist to listen to (I know…GASP), but this morning as I was driving the song “Hold On To Me” came on. I almost changed the station but got that “nudge” to be still and listen. The song took over my emotions as it described my journey right now.

Over the past few years, there have been times that it has felt like I have lost a bit of myself. I struggle, at times, to remember who I am and what my purpose is. My focus has always been my family, but that direction has become so intense over the past few years that sometimes I look in the mirror and see a woman I barely recognize. Sometimes I look in the mirror and I only see Nels’ wife – a woman that works to hold every string of life at home together for a husband that works his tail off to provide for his family. Sometimes I look in the mirror and I only see Nash and Mac’s mom – a woman that would give anything for her children and prays that the world will always see the amazing humans that they are through her eyes. Sometimes I see a woman in the middle of a battle that she can’t see the end of – a woman that has learned to advocate in ways she never thought possible and a woman that will fight until the bitter end for healing. Sometimes I see a friend that isn’t as present as she once was – a woman that tries but seems to fall short when it comes to outside relationships and showing those around her how much she loves and appreciates them. Sometimes I see a woman that is tired and just looking for a quiet moment of refuge in the midst of life’s storms. Most of all, I see a woman begging God to hold onto her and keep all the pieces in place when she feels like she can’t.

As I quietly listened this morning, I was washed with the reality that every morning I stare in the mirror at the face of a woman simply needing to offer herself grace. I am exactly who I was made to be in this moment. There is no perfection when it comes to life and the expectations that surround us. I am enough in each and every role that I play, even on the days where I come up short and am begging someone to hold on to me!

My wish for you is that as you stand in front of the mirror and struggle to recognize the person staring back, you will know that you are enough and that you are exactly where you are meant to be in this amazing moment! Stop and show yourself a little grace – I have no doubt that you have earned it!


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