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Don't Worry About Tomorrow

We're talking about today. Not yesterday. Not tomorrow...but today.

As you read this, ask yourself, "Am I thinking about tomorrow? Am I stressed or anxious about something that's coming up tomorrow or in a week or a month?" And maybe the answer is 'yes' but is there anything about yesterday or tomorrow that you can control? Tomorrow is never promised, yesterday is done and over with. The only thing we can do is be present today - wherever you are, be present.

So, my challenge to you (and to myself) is to be present. Wherever you are be 100% there. Easy to say, but difficult to put into practice. Be focused on today and making yourself and the people around you better. Tomorrow will be here soon enough, let's intentionally focus on being present, here and now.

Cheers, amigos.


👇🏼Check out my latest Vlog as we dive a little deeper into what it means to be present today.👇🏼


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