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Nash Got Tomorrow When the Devil Tried to Take It

It’s raw emotion…. Man, I never thought I would be in this situation, neither did my wife, and my son and daughter never did as well. Where from here??

Mac and I got home Saturday afternoon after trading out with Karen Friday morning. Sunday came, and I woke up feeling like I hit a brick wall. I got up and did some things just to see if my body would come more alive, but it didn’t. And that was when it dawned on me, I had been running on pure adrenalin for the past 2 weeks, and my body was telling me it was done. It was exhausted. Hence, Sunday, we virtually did nothing but rest. Snuggled with Mac, my parents came and provided lunch and some comfort in simply their presence.

Being back in Great Bend opened up a new round of emotions as I hadn’t been home since the Friday of the accident, and the first rode we hit was airport rode in which was the last rode I had been on chasing down an ambulance the day of the accident. Then being home, then seeing the town, people, work, etc.

It’s been emotions up and down. Questions of “why”, anger on many different levels, flashes of the history, and flashes of the future of our most incredible son Nash. Thoughts from A to Z in our heads, you name it, past, present, and future. It’s all there, all the questions, all the emotions. It’s all happening!

During all these things are people continuing to reach out and tell us just how much this journey means to them and what it is doing for them and others as our testament and faith in God in this journey inspires thousands of people! We began this journey in shock, and we put one step in front of the other with our faith in God. If God gets removed in points in time, the devil slips in and steals parts of the present and parts of the future. If God gets removed in points in time, the devil introduces doubt, steals hope, and creates anxiety. If God gets removed, the devil gets a foothold in our hearts and this isn’t his heart. This isn’t his mind or body. He isn’t inside of our incredible son Nash. God is inside of our incredible son Nash. While we still have anger and frustrations with God, we must dig deep in our faith to let go and let God.

We can not predict the future, but we can let God work in us today. I don’t care what you have tomorrow, you aren’t guaranteed tomorrow. Today is a gift, as you may not have it tomorrow! But what we do know, is WE ALWAYS HAVE GOD! Nash got “tomorrow”, after August 7! Nash got God! We can choose to let the devil in or let God in! We can choose to live in optimism or pessimism! We can choose to live in today or choose to worry about tomorrow. Tomorrow is a black box! Let it go! God is in control! Nash was spared from the devil by God! We can bathe in the tragedy or we can bathe in today’s offering of life to live, today!

Be #NashStrong! Be #nashdetermined! Move your mountains!

Isaiah 40:31 – has been given to me multiple times by God’s warriors. Those who wait on the Lord will renew their strength, they will soar on wings like eagles. They will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.

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