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Calling All Prayer Warriors!

Today we look to use social media to ignite all Pray Warriors as we pray for relief from the rain as many people are suffering across many states! We need your help, your prayers, and you know your prayer warrior friends, ignite them to join us! We look to use our collective internal voices to command external action! Today our awesome God, we come before you giving you all the glory and praise. You are an amazing God that is so good to us, and we often forget all the good you have given to us in our times of despair. Today, we come to you requesting your ultimate help and a miracle. We lean into you asking you for relief from all this rain, storms, and the anxieties along with the feeling of the unknown. We specifically ask for your mercy be granted to those affected by all the rain and you remove the unnerved feeling as we sleep in our homes with water continually coming into our basements and hoping all pumps continue to run as we sleep. God, sleep is a needed commodity and grant us the ability to keep our minds from running all the crazy bad “what if’s” as we lay there in concern. We come to you asking for your compassion for others facing the destruction of their home, the place they come home to for peace and relaxation, and that feeling of “there is no place like home” that is now destroyed, flooded, or full of water. We beg you for your mercy and some relief from this weather cycle. We lean into you, look to you, and talk to you, rather than give in to the pandemonium of life. We lean into you, rather than push you away asking you for physical, mental, and spiritual strength. Let your gentleness be seen by all and that you make us all contagiously calm in these unnerving times for those affecting by all the severe weather. We choose prayer over despair and we cast our pain and anxieties upon you. We pray for you spirited Angel helpers to come down to watch over us and protect us. We entrust our fears to you, looking to not meditate on the mess but to meditate on the good and be in a spirit of gratitude even what the world may seem against us. Awesome God, there are so many that need your help. So many in pain, in despair, some with a feeling of loss and having no idea what to do next. We humbly ask you to give them the help they so desperately need. Please forgive them and forgive us for our sins. We look up to you and give you many thanks. We look to marginalize the devil and his work with our gratitude for all you have given to us. We give thanks in everything. Even when we are lost, upset, in despair, or sick. We have a grateful spirit and thank you for the good, the challenges, and the things we just don’t understand why. We are robustly grateful!

In your heavenly and precious name, Jesus, we pray, Amen

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