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You are the CEO of Your Life, Hire and Fire Accordingly

In business, we have the privilege of hiring people to join our teams. The trouble is, most all of us have never hired anyone before, and most all of us had no training, teaching, or mentoring on the hiring process. And as most of us know, we fail at the hiring process as a consequence. We don’t take enough time, we don’t do enough interviews, we don’t know the right questions, we focus on a resume too much rather than the person, our onboarding process is not intentional, our feedback systems are non-existent, all while we just need more help. At a time when it seems to be more challenging to find the right people to join our teams.

We will dive into this subject more in the future, but for today, it isn’t about hiring people at work, it is about you being the CEO of your life. We always think about the hiring process at work, but what about in your personal life, what about in your kid’s life?? We need to think about the hiring process in our personal lives and who are you hiring to “hang around”, to spend time with outside of work, or how about who your kid’s friends are?

The only way you are different from today in 5 years is by the books you read and the people you meet. Who are you meeting? Who are you talking to in your personal time to challenge you and to grow you? We are an average of the 7 people we spend the most time with. They determine what conversations you have. Is it talking about other people or is it talking about ideas, new great potentials, or possibilities? Their attitudes and behaviors begin to permeate your life. Is it a negative attitude or conversation or is it a positive attitude or positive behavior or discussion? We simply become what we consume, be it from people, digital media, tv, or our environment. If it’s gossip, negative, or inconsequential, you become those exact things. If it is about solving problems, vision, positive, and can make an influential change, then you will likely “move the needle” around you and make a positive difference.

So be the CEO of your life, and hire the right people. If you currently hired the wrong people, see if you can help influence them to “change” and challenge them to be a better person, to grow in their life journey, and to be a person that will challenge you to be better. And if those things don’t occur, you have a decision to make. Maybe your circle needs to be smaller? And if you are talking to your kids, challenge them to do the same! There are a lot of losers out there. As I tell my kids, “You wanna be a loser, hang out with losers. You wanna be a winner, hang out with winners. You wanna be a good person, hang out with good kids. You wanna be drama, hang out with drama kids.” It’s honestly partly that simple.

My circle started with my parents and my sister. Then became a group of guys in my class growing up whom we challenged each other through our competitive nature in the classroom and on the field or court. Then progressed to college and a group of guys whom I studied with the night before all vet school tests, that are all tremendous individuals. Followed up with a close circle of friends, trusted confidants, mentors and a handful of highly successful people I simply observe and study their every move.

Your circle changes as your life journey changes. Be the CEO of your life and hire and fire accordingly. Create your bubble of the environment you are seeking. Be intentional and spend more time “interviewing” people to be in your circle, ask more questions, ask them what they want out of life. If you do, you will likely find out if they want and are looking to achieve the great things out of life you are looking to achieve and the best version of themselves you are trying to be!

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