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7 Categories of Goals You NEED To Be Thinking About

Each year, my family sits down and we talk about goals that we have for the upcoming year. We talk about family goals, financial goals, spiritual goals, professional goals, learning goals, charitable goals, and family goals.

But here's the deal: these are not "one and done" goals that we talk about once and forget about. These goals help drive our focus and intentionality throughout the year. They are constant reminders of who we want to be and areas we want to grow in.

So maybe you haven't had time to sit down and think through your goals for the year or maybe you tried to set some goals but you've lost momentum. THIS IS YOUR SIGN to keep going, to keep pushing, to stick with it. Don't stop, don't give up. Set your goals and revisit them often.

And if you need help, I'm here. Check out this video and check out some resources for helping you create and stick to your goals this year.

Download my 2023 Goal Sheet HERE.


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