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An Epidemic in a Texting World

This slide today is about an epidemic problem we all see sweeping the world. It seems all too often we now hear of situations in which the digital world has been a part of some sparked relationship between an adult and an unsuspecting teen or even adult, most often seems a teacher, or coach. But in reality, is occurring everyday in other non-education environments, we just get to hear about the ones in the coaching and education world. This world of texting and social media has stirred up a whole new realm of relationship building, some as said, suspecting and some as unsuspecting.

As I give talks, I often have this slide in there because of the things I have seen and past experiences, with the goal of shedding light on it, and hoping to help "wake up the masses" and this epidemic. In our new digital world, texting is the most common form of communication now on the face of the earth, and some predict the next version of texting will be through emojis with minimal use of words.

Texting is easy, it's quick, it's simple, and effective most of the time. But in those positives in lies the biggest negative. When people communicate in this form, it is much easier to "go places" we wouldn't normally go. It is easier to talk about things we wouldn't normally talk about face to face. And in life, if texting someone of the opposite sex, it can become all too easy to go from a friendly "How are you text?" or a text about work related things, and the next thing you know, you or someone is "crossing the line". And right at that moment, the line is drawn. And as I say, some people choose to cross it and some don't.

It all comes down to choosing what "feels good" or "doing the right thing". As adults we are supposed to do the right thing, not what feels good. But in this digital world, doing what feels good becomes all too easy. Some people may be reading this and know exactly what I am talking about, and some may not have a clue or understand because you would simply never do it.

The sad part is, this new version of "cheating" occurs every single day, by the millions of times. This version of "cheating" is sweeping our universe and slowly destroying marriages, families, work relationships, coaching and teaching relationships, and businesses, and many many others. I only hope to bring more awareness to it because I have seen it happen all too often. And the only way to stop it, if you are doing it, is to remove yourself from the situation(s), and be 100% transparent.

There is no reason to be texting anyone other than your wife, your mom, your grandmother, or your daughter, outside of minor things, otherwise "the door cracks open". And if it is work or volunteer related, keep it to a minimum. When you have nothing to hide, there is no need to have a password for your phone. When you have nothing to hide, anyone should be able to pick up your phone and look through your texts, your pics, your emails. And in the end, real transparency builds trust, builds healthy relationships, builds lives, and real growth of those things is a natural by-product.

We see relationships destroyed almost daily now from what often begins as a simple text. And we must begin to recognize this problem, talk about the problem, and begin to be more proactive in stopping this new digital world epidemic. And if you read this and personally identify with it, make a change. Have some fortitude to not "cross the line." Because if you don't, be prepared for the worst. I'm certain that's not what any of us truly want. When if "feels good" or that person "makes you feel good", remember, that fleeting moment will go away and is not fulfilling to your soul! Don't let it destroy your marriage, your relationship with your kids. Don't let it destroy a workplace or an organization.

Texting is wonderful but can be evil. We can't ever forget that! We must talk about it! We must know the difference and help others know the difference! Happy Leadership Thursday! Cheers amigos! #KeepAtIt#LeadershipThursday #PassionForPeople #ChangingLives

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