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You were created for a time such as this!!

Have you heard of the phrase, “Right place at the right time?” Who doesn’t love it when the stars align, and we enjoy the simple gift of timing. Is it luck?

Let’s quickly evaluate the role luck has in our lives.

If we get the job, are we lucky? If we make the buzzer winning basket, was it a lucky shot? Or are we simply wearing our lucky socks, and that’s why the day turned out so well.

Other people can often put the perception of luck in our lives.

Successful career, thriving family, a garage full of toys to enjoy on the weekend are often reduced to luck. As if being in the right place at the right time put the odds in their favor. Phrases like “must be nice” or “wish I could do or have that” fill their minds and sometimes even escape their lips. However...successful people disregard luck and only think of it in charms like a rabbit’s foot or 4 leaf clover. They know that luck has nothing to do with it.

High achieving, goal oriented people give luck very little credit for their success. Their “luck” rests in their grit, determination and sacrifice to push through the obstacles, show up everyday, and become unstoppable in their pursuit for the life they want. They create the opportunities for doors to open, pivots to happen, and opportunities to shift their life. They prepare for it, they are ready for it, and their perseverance is going to come out the winner.

If this is true, then all of us have the tools to create the life we want. No excuses, no luck...just you, your goals, and the willingness to go all in and be unstoppable.

What if we created the habits to put us in the right place at the right time on a daily basis.

I’m a firm believer of creating a big, bold, beautiful life for myself and my family. I don’t want to leave this world regretting the things I didn’t do or try. Here are a few things I implement daily to allow “right place, right time opportunities” to flow into my life.

First, daily gratitude is the reflection that allows us to stay present in our journey. If you are goal oriented, it is easy to focus on the destination. However, the journey is creating the person that is ready for the destination. We have to become and evolve into the person that can handle and enjoy the goal. We will have to level up to achieve our greatest desires. Enjoy the journey! Be grateful for it. It will help when the obstacles seem insurmountable.

Work your job 9 to 5, but work your dreams from 5 to 9. Most of us settled into a career and a day filled with routine and schedules. I know my husband, Greg, and I were guilty of this. We paid the bills and provided a sustainable income for our lives, but then we wanted more. We wanted more time with the people we love. We wanted flexible income to travel and to give more to causes that are important to us. Everything we already had...we wanted more of. Working on our dreams from 5 to 9 meant creating multiple streams of income that afforded us income outside our regular jobs. What are your dreams? How can you create the life you want? The time is now...Let go of excuses, find a way, and get after your dreams. I believe in you!

Determine your want too’s and your have too’s. Creating a big, bold beautiful life will not come without sacrifice. When I look at what I want compared to what I have to have...I become unstoppable. My wants are fleeting; they come and go like the seasons. I am happy if I attain them, but I am not heartbroken if I miss them. My have too’s are non negotiable. I will accomplish them. I will sacrifice. I will find a way. What are your have too’s?

Life was not simply designed to be lived. God created us to explore, experience, and be a part of this big blue marble. To love, care, give, serve, and teach others to do the same. It starts with us, not luck. Create the life that sets your soul on fire. One that has you jumping out of bed and going all day!!

Amy Myers


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