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The Jacket That Never Leaves

In the conference room at Animal Medical Center, we have a jacket. It's a very special jacket that will never leave that room. It is a constant reminder for us. It's a reminder of the ones that came before us. It's a reminder of our foundation, and it's a reminder of the shoulders that we stand on.

AMC wouldn't exist without the man who wore that jacket - Dr. Jerry Weil. The only reason we're even talking about this is because it's important to give credit where credit is due. It's easy to look past the giants that came before us. It's easy to think we know more than we truly know...but sometimes we need to slow down and listen a little more. Slow down and ask a few more questions.

This jacket reminds us of all of those things. And that jacket never leaves.

Learn more about Jerry's jacket. 👇🏼


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