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It started out like any other day. Did morning reading, normal housework for the day. The phone rang, showed up as Nels’ number. It is always so nice when the kids call. The sound of his voice was not the usual. Then I heard these words, “Nash has been shot, but he’s alive. I will call later with more details”. My response was “I’ll Pray”.

I began begging for the life of my grandson. No, pleading intently for his life. Lord, I have read of many miracles in the Bible. Moses and the parting of the Red Sea, Daniel in the lion’s den was unharmed, Lazarus was raised from the dead. Spare my 12 year old grandson. The prayers continued. Unknown to me the Lord was all ready at work. Miracles were happening. A surgeon didn’t start a surgery in one hospital, which allowed him to go to the hospital where Nash was. He saved his life. (Miracle)

A flight nurse who not only took care of Nash but his father as well, as they rushed to Wesley. (Angel of Mercy) The medical team going to work with questions and tests until answers gave results. The bullet went through the lower right lung, the liver, lodging at T12, bowels and kidneys are functioning. (Miracle)

Meanwhile, prayer warriors are joining the force lifting Nash and his family to the Lord. It’s beginning to be a mighty army. (Miracle) They are joining from many states. We have no idea who they are, people from many states have now joined the journey of Nash moving mountains.

New tests bring new results, Nash must go to a Rehabilitation Hospital. (God delivers) Madonna in Lincoln, Nebraska takes youth. They will take Nash and one parent maybe with him at all times. (Miracle)

The hard work begins for Nash. The change out of the parents every Friday. MacKenzie becomes the person keeping the home fires burning. The Prayer Warriors ramp up their prayers. They are mighty and devout in their work. (servants of mercy) Some are lifting Nash in prayer during the times when PT is at it’s highest level of difficulty. Things are improving and within 3 weeks the medical team in on board with Nash’s goal to walk again. (Miracle) Prayer Warriors loving the daily reports, also hearing where the focus needs to be for the next 24 hours.

Nash is provided with a special angel at Madonna. Angel Alex is a partial spinal cord injury also. Alex comes to visit every week. At first, he has to stand outside the window and visit. Eventually Nash can go outside for the visits. Alex helps Nash with his mindset on working through therapy and staying strong. Eventually he leads Nash to what it will take to return to his life at home, at school, with his friends, and activities. Alex was one of Nash’s many blessings while at Madonna.

People have said it takes a village to raise a child. But I say, when tragic events hit, it takes an army of prayer warriors lifting the people in prayer to secure a path of strength, a medical team with great wisdom, and a perseverance that will allow success to happened. Moving mountains in our path, is near impossible, but with God all things are possible. When the road seems cluttered with impossible tasks, look, the Master is right beside you.

This is only a small part of the miracle story of Nash Lindberg. This story grows with more miracles weekly. He continues to increase in body strength, walking on the treadmill, riding a bike, and loving being at home with his family all together. He’s even been fishing and hunting. Do you suppose Nash’s journey is helping Jesus fish for men?


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