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Don't Let Worry Consume You

It’s been 58 days since our son has been at a Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital making miraculous progress given his hard work, thousands of prayers, angel workers of PT and OT, and the best servant caregiver nurses around!

I type “Day 58” and just can’t believe it! I can’t believe we have been here this long yet at the same time August 7 seems like 2 years ago!!

Which makes me think about time. Time is a word we all want more of. We all want more time for most things, more family time, more time with our kids as they grow up, more time with parents, more time with spouses, more time with dear friends!

Some battling diseases just want more time to live their life. Some, like Nash, wish they could rewind the time and change an event. I heard the best man at a wedding talk about this as he was terminal with cancer at that time. And I had never thought about that specific word and its meaning until then.

But 98% of us live life in our fast lane, busy with “life”, going hard, doing this and doing that, without any thought to the real value of time. Taking our time for granted. In the end, taking God’s time he grants us for granted.

As Nash said on Sunday in our Facebook live, the top thing he has learned is that things can change in an instant. Quality of time and quality of life can disappear into thin air right before your eyes in a split second. So how are you using your precious time!?! Today!?!

Don’t let the worries of life bog your mind down in a meteor shower is “what if’s”. Don’t let your worry consume you. Worry creates more questions than answers! But you can live in today! You can enjoy the people and their presence in your life today! You can enjoy the cool chilly breeze and fall leaves today!! All you really have is time! Enjoy your time in life with zest, fullness, completeness!!

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