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How Tragedy Leads to Growth

Tragedy strikes every day. Someone somewhere that you know, have known, or may not know is experiencing a tragedy today. It could be the sudden loss of a loved one, a weather event that destroys their home or takes all their belongings, a car accident, or a financial crisis. These things happen all the time, and sometimes they involve us. No one wants it to be “them” in the crosshairs of tragedy, and we are never ready when it comes.

But with pain comes personal growth. Tragedies are painful but are also a necessary part of life. We often endure the pain at night, but a new morning brings joy. Often times we feel buried by the weight of the situation. And often times it feels as if God is trying to crush our soul and even bury us alive. It is critical that we redirect those thoughts and recognize that we aren’t being buried to die, but rather we are being buried as a new seed - to sprout and grow anew. If you can push through the pain with vigor for life, you will grow bigger and stronger than before the tragedy happened.

We must have faith, take it, throw it, and trust it. Every day is a gift, every breath is a gift. When you take a breath, enjoy it, you’ve invested a lot so give it all you got! Use every breath to survive and thrive! God uses tragedy and challenging times to grow us, so keep growing!

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