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Don't be afraid to seize the opportunity. Seize today!

We live in a world of procrastinators. We have all been guilty of having an actionable thought run through our head and not acting on it. And after the moment was too late we say, “I was gonna do it”, “I meant to do it”, with all procrastination leading to never got it done. Bringing our thoughts to action can be very challenging, potentially scary, and some of our thoughts take extreme amounts of courage. And often times we fear the urgency and that fear causes us to fail in bringing our thought to action.

So when are you going to stop the thinking and never do “it” revolving episode, and just do it? “it” is the conversation you have needed to have with a severely damaged relationship with a parent or child to begin the healing process. “It” is writing a thank you note to someone who helped you achieve great things in life. “It” is carefully executing and growing a side hustle gig into a full-time job so that you can leave your miserable unfulfilling job. “It” is setting boundaries if you are too kind of a person and preventing manipulators from taking advantage of you. “It” is repairing your broken relationship with the man upstairs.

The devil wants you to procrastinate, and we all have so many lost opportunities. We are given the incredible gift of opportunity every day, with each rising sun. It is a terrible tragic loss if we don’t use it. It is arrogant of us to think we can do it tomorrow. We may not be given the gift of tomorrow.

“It” can be anything, “it” is yours, and don’t live a life of regretting not doing something. Coulda, woulda, shoulda. The clock is ticking and you are running out of time, and if you don’t do it now, you won’t get it done. There are thousands if not millions of people, with many sad memories of not doing “it”. Don’t fall into that statistic! Have that conversation now, be that leader now, write that thank you or letter now, start that side hustle now, be that parent now, be that friend now. Don't be afraid to seize the opportunity. Seize today!

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