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Find Your Sweet Spot

We have all heard the words sweet spot used mostly in reference to a baseball bat or a tennis racquet, of which is the optimal place to have the ball make contact with the bat or the racquet for maximum rebound of the ball from that spot for maximum velocity leaving the bat or racquet. Or in physics, it is the place at which maximum percussion can occur. It is also an optimum point or combination of factors or qualities or any place which is optimum for a certain action to occur.

For us as humans, the sweet spot for each of us individually is where you are your best version of you. And I don’t know where your sweet spot is, but you must find that spot, that place, that action. If you don’t know, just think about what you are best at, what you most enjoy, where your passion is, where your best attributes shine like a beacon of light, what makes you get out of bed with purpose each day. Some very blessed people have found that space, and live in that space almost every day, but likely hasn’t happened without many hours and days of very intentional work to find it and live there.

The best version of you and your passion is what the world needs and it is possible. It won’t happen overnight and may take some pain and sacrifice to find and live in your sweet spot, but the best version of you is waiting to be a bright shining beacon of light and the people around you will benefit from you finding your sweet spot. So find your sweet spot. Live in it. Fill it. Spend your time there and with the people who help you and your sweet spot. It’s your best opportunity to be the best version of you!

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