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You have two choices, what’s it gonna be?

Every day, there are tragedies that happen, life circumstances we are faced with that seem insurmountable.  Many are out of our control, some in our control.  With every situation or event, we have a choice to make. And that is we can choose to be a victim of the circumstance or event or we can choose to not be a victim of the circumstance or event.  

The option you choose is very important, because one option gives you total control of how the rest unfolds, and the other option gives someone else the control of how the future unfolds.   As Condoleezza Rice’s mother told Conde as a child, “The minute you choose to be a victim, is the minute you give someone else control of your life.”  I was raised the exact same way.  We must refuse to be victimized by any circumstance or event, and we must teach our children, our family, our friends and neighbors, and those around us each day this most simple yet extremely powerful lesson that is so important for today.  We must embrace the fact that no matter what happens, we still have a choice on how we respond.  Some of the most courageous people have survived unthinkable tragedies, risen above uncontrollable circumstances, experienced natural disaster devastation of epic proportions, or had enemies try and destroy them and their reputation.  And they did it by making the brave choice of not becoming a victim.   We are all just ordinary people living life each day, but one thing is for certain, there will be adversities lined up in our path just waiting for us.  And as Winstill Churchill said, “If you are going through Hell, keep going.”  We have a choice to make.  Victim or no victim, what is your choice going to be?  I know mine!  And I hope to have helped with yours! 

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