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Pain is what makes us hit the stop button

Pain is the devil! Pain is what makes us stop. Pain is what makes us give up. Pain is what makes us say, “I’ll never do that again!” Pain is what stops us most often from achieving our greatest version of us, our greatest inner potential, and stops us from unleashing the power from within.

This week, my challenge for everyone is to embrace pain. My challenge to you is getting comfortable with being uncomfortable. And as a way to execute this, sit down and think about your grandparents, or your great-grandparents, and put yourself in their shoes briefly just trying to feel their pain they experienced or the highest level of discomfort they experienced. Most of them drove a tractor without cabs and air conditioning. Most had no indoor plumbing for all or part of their lives. They had no HVAC system to keep them comfortable year-round. Some worked on oil rig platforms every day that were more dangerous than playing Frogger on an LA interstate. Many cut wheat in 100-degree heat, no cab, and covered in chaff. And many watched some sort of violent devastating disease wipe-out, handicap, or even take the life of a loved one while watching with no option for a diagnosis or treatment cure or even alleviate the painful symptoms. Simply put, we are nowhere near as tough as any of our grandparents, great-grandparents, or even our parents.

Progression in our world is inevitable and a positive force but has often softened our spirit, weakened our heart, and dampened our mental grit. So each time we think we are experiencing some level of pain, think back to those that really experienced pain, your parents, grandparents, or great-grandparents. Because I promise you, they did not endure all the pain they suffered and experienced for us to “hit the stop button” amidst our daily comfortable lives when we have a little pain in 2018 and quit or not take another step forward!

Don’t “hit that stop button”! The devil wants you to. The haters want you to. The naysayers want you to. Don’t! Step out, take some risk, and take that next step, whatever it may be, in life, personal or business. You may be risking your reputation, risking your heart and spirit, but someone has to. It might cause you to endure some pain, and be extremely uncomfortable, but always remember, those giants before you all experienced life much more challenging. Embrace the pain grit your teeth through a process or project you have never done! Get comfortable with being uncomfortable and do something you have never done before!

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