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The Law of Authenticity

We live in a world today of more plastic surgery than ever, a media force showing us beautiful people after beautiful people most being airbrushed to the point of unrealistic beauty, politicians more polished than an airport shoeshine, and academics talking out of whatever side of their mouthpiece to recruit a dollar and preserve their existence. The issue in all of this is there is zero authenticity, in a time when almost all of us common folk are screaming for authenticity even if we don’t like it.

But even for us, being authentic, being ourselves may not always be done. The greatest and most valuable gift you can give yourself is the gift of authenticity. There is absolutely not one aspect of any of the above-mentioned aspects we can do or control anything of the sense. But for ourselves, we can control our own authenticity. When we meet people, they size us up within one minute, it is a natural human instinct. And we do so by asking ourselves two questions, can I trust them and do I respect them. The more authentic we are as individuals in those moments of meeting someone new, the more a person will answer those questions about you yes.

We can all reflect on conversations of meeting someone who is fake or insincere, and as you think of those, I would venture to say, you figured that out within the first minute of the conversation. Is that correct? It happens and it happens very quickly. And it is in that moment that you realized you can’t trust that person and you for sure don’t respect them.

We can’t control them and their non-authenticity, but we can ourselves. Being authentic requires a genuine caring attitude in finding out more about that person. It requires us to also have a sincere ability to listen to them, and a raw unfettered emotional vibe purveyed from your senses to theirs.

Beyond those events, we live our daily lives out and we must look to do so in a raw, real, authentic, what you see is what you get, mindset to build the wealth and depth of our friendships, relationships, and lives to achieve fulfillment and contentment. If you have a lack of life fulfillment and contentment, be it personal or in the workplace, take a look at your level of authenticity. People just want you to be you, and want you to be the very best version of you possible. We talk about balance sheets in business, and we have the same in our personal lives. What is your life balance sheet? I promise your life balance sheet will explode with a real, raw, sincerely caring, authentic version of YOU! You don’t have to be anyone else, be any sensationalized airbrushed figure, or shoe shine polished unblemished figurehead. The world is begging for you to be the best version of you and no one else! Your life balance sheet will explode if you do!

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