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Life Events Make Us Who We Are

Life, life we all often take for granted. We to to work each day, or go to school each day, do the normal every day things, and most all of us take the very ability to breath for granted. For me personally, death of a relative or a friend hadn't really hit me in the face or made my heart sink to my feet given some stout German heritage until a couple years ago. We go through life and observe our parents lose their parent or other good friends lose a parent, and we really truly never understand this titanic until it happens to us. For me, I still am very privileged to not experience that, but my wife did two years ago this week. Some like her experience it at all too young of an age, and worse yet, some experience the pain of losing a child, of which most all of us agree is even more devastating. As these events occur though, they mold us into who we are today, even if you are a spouse. This very event, of which no one really wants to talk about, is a humbling, painful, emotional event that manipulates our brain cells, some good and some bad, and puts a strain on ones heart that you can't understand purely without experiencing it.

Many times, our loved ones are called home in what we all view as the appropriate time, and sometimes they are called home all too soon like the son of a very dear friend of mine. No matter the timing, those closest to the individual usually just aren't ready for them to be called home regardless of the time allowed to prepare or not to prepare. We can only be resolved that it was their time, and trust the man above he had his hand in it.

Going forward after entering a club no one wants to enter, these events make people into who they are. They leave a lasting impression on one's heart and mind, that shape a person's decision making, actions, and and virtually all through processes. Moving forward through the emotional cycle after the loss is a unique process for each person and is handled in all different ways that hopefully works for each person, but in the end, we must move forward, one step in front of the other, for the loved ones we lost. I will virtually guarantee you, those people watching down on us, that is what they want from us or to watch us do. No matter the loss, there is a negative affect of some magnitude, but we must make the conscious choice to move forward with life and make positive decisions that hopefully bring life fulfillment to help make that hole in one's heart smaller. The hole never goes away, but we can do our very best to make that hole smaller by continuing on our path of life and continuing to grow as people using those events to make us a better person, have an improved compassion and care, a better personality for those around us, and an attitude of living life to the fullest as Shane did, because we could be called home at anytime. And even though we can't live life afraid of death, we can make the choice to live life to the fullest each and every day making it a goal to make a positive impact in this world just like Shane did.

It's up to us, it's up to you! What's your choice!? How is such a titanic event going to shape your life going forward!? Your loved ones around you need you to make those shapes great ones!

Happy Leadership Thursday Amigos! #RIPShane #KeepAtIt#LeadershipThursday #PassionForPeople

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