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Relationships Take BIG TIME Work

Relationships, Be It In Business Or Life, Takes Big Time Work

There are many kinds of relationships, such as a friendship, work relationship or partnership, a marriage, a parent-child, or even community relationships. All relationships have their struggles, strife, disagreements, even arguments. No matter how good thing are or can be, there will always be issues that arise that create a disagreement, conflict, and or differing opinions. My wife and I have them most days, and prior to Nels version 10.0, most often times I didn't handle those disagreements appropriately, be it through bull-dozing my way past it, or ignoring it, or even not caring. Same for work, be it vets or my right hand woman Jill, prior to 6-8 years ago in the Nels version 1.0 to 5.0, my ability to handle conflict or disagreements wasn't any where near it is today.

In these situations we often develop a level of anger, a level of chaos, and those things only destroy relationships. Anger creates "no space" for honest open conversation and allowance of fair and honest debate. We close our minds, put our differences in front of us, and create "silos" of separation within those relationships. Anger ends up controlling you, the situation, and the other side of the relationship and in the end, it can destroy you or them.

So in any unresolved conflict or emotional situation, we must always pursue common ground. We must pursue solidarity. We must pursue what we agree upon. We must set aside our differences, our egos, our anger for the common good of the relationship, be it your marriage, your business, your family, or your community. The physical and emotional health of any relationship will dictate many of your outcomes, successes, or failures. If you can resolve the disagreement or conflict, you will have a better marriage, work relationships, leadership ability, and even community.

And as our President said in his inauguration, "We must speak our minds openly debate our disagreements honestly, but always pursue solidarity." If we can do those things, with vulnerable transparency, the relationship will grow and mature well past the conflict, grow the foundation of trust, and produce a strength in solidarity that can withstand an even stronger or bigger conflict on the next round. Because there will be "a next round." Cheers amigos! Happy Leadership Thursday! #KeepAtIt #LeadershipThursday#ChangingLives

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