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Tomorrow is the Most Important Thing in Life

I was reminded of this slide late last week after meeting a good man at one of my talks in North Dakota. I got to visiting with a gentleman Thursday evening, and in my usual way, I like to ask a lot of questions and see what I can learn from people and their life, and in doing so, discovered this man should be dead from a simple toothache that resulted in what we call a vegetative endocarditis (infection in the heart), that a piece of the infection to break loose and caused him to have a severe stroke. He was paralyzed on his left side, unable to speak, and still had a lesion in his heart to get removed without causing any further strokes.

This sort of event literally stops "life as one knows it", and tomorrow is not a given any longer. In one split second, you go from normal to a whole new and different normal and sometimes that new normal isn't what we had planned nor prepared for. And it is in those life events that we learn who we are as a person. It is in those life events that a year or two later we should have gained more wisdom and perspective for which we can draw upon going forward. Some have experienced these sort of life changing events and some have not.

Regardless, for all of us, as the slide says, tomorrow is the most important thing in life. We can do nothing about yesterday or the week before. We can only do something about tomorrow and time going forward. And by the grace of God, tomorrow is a also a gift, it is precious, it's clean, it's perfect. And he gives it to us each day, into our hard working hands, but he also asks and hopes we learned something from yesterday. And for this fine fella from South Dakota, he knows all too well and intimately that tomorrow is a gift and the most important thing in life.

So what are you going to do with today and tomorrow!? It's a perfect day so far. It's 100% up to you if you make it a great day and accomplish something not only for you, but for someone else as well! Who will that someone else be?! And to make it an even better day, what did you learn from your experiences yesterday? Don't waste today or tomorrow! There may not be another one!! And your people deserve the best from you!! Cheers amigos! Happy Leadership Thursday on a Friday!! #KeepAtIt #PassionForPeople #LeadershipThursday #ChangingLives

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