When the Odds Are Stacked Against You

This post if for the people that feel like from time to time, the odds are stacked against you, or maybe even always against you, and Sammie my sister! We often get to feeling overwhelmed by life. By too much pressure at work, or many different people pulling you in different directions and you don't have enough of you to "go around", or it's the end of day, and kids have had activities, everyone is tire, yet there is laundry to do, the house needs picked up, and you just want to go to bed. Or you have 5 deadlines to make by Friday and it is Wednesday night, and you have all 5 to go. Many times it just feels like there is not enough hours in the day. And "the odds are stacked against you"! Or maybe you have applied for a job that you really would like have have, and the applicant pool is big and stout.

The key to these things is being prepared and time management.

When we feel overwhelmed, we must get organized, make notes, clear our heads, set a to do list, and start "knocking them out". Or if it is a big opportunity that exists, how have you prepared your life over time? Have you done your homework? Have you studied and prepared for the interviews? Have you studied and worked your tail off to be the best version of you for what lies ahead? These things don't just happen overnight. They need to be a well orchestrated plan that is carried and and executed day after day after day, and we must grind it out. As for the fine lady in the pic, she has done just that! And it came down to an intense interview process. Odds may have been 100:1, with well over 100 applicants in the pool for the assistant principal job in Denver, and stacked against her. But, given her "life work", her "resume" beyond that stupid piece of paper (fyi, I hate resumes, anyone can right a good fake one!), she was fully prepared with a very full "toolbox" to execute her way through a stiff applicant pool full of competition, shine in the interview process, and gain enough trust and respect that she beat the so called odds even though she was more like a 2:1 favorite! Nice work Sammie!

And for all of us, the full lesson is the old saying, "Prior planning prevents p!$$ poor performance!" It's up to us to knock out our to do lists, and life plan! Get prepared, be prepared! Then success is had because your orchestrated your plan! Awesome things will happen for you! Happy Leadership Thursday and I am super proud of a hard working, passionate, caring, driven lady I am lucky enough to call my sis! Love ya sis! Cheers amigos!

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