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Bridging The Generations: Part 2

If you are a Boomer or a Gen X'er, today's conversation is for you and we're going to be talking about something that may be uncomfortable...and (potentially) not very popular. We're talking about our weaknesses. My weaknesses, your weaknesses, our weaknesses as a generation.

But we're not just focusing on the "negative" and beat you over the head...but instead, we're going to confront some of those weaknesses and find ways that we can learn from them and be better at home, in the workplace, and in our relationships.

This requires us to look inward and be honest with ourselves about where we fall short or where we struggle and develop new habits to help ourselves and others thrive and succeed. Some of us call it "killing our sacred cows".

Dive a little deeper with me today by watching my latest Vlog.


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