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Be The Example

Have you ever heard the phrase “more is caught than is taught”? I heard it quite a few years ago, it was coined by Dave Ramsey’s daughter Rachel Cruze. Our family had paid for her to be the annual “Food For Thought” speaker in the Dr. Dan Upson Lecture Series at Kansas State University, and I had the pleasure of meeting her. I have followed the Ramsey Family, their teachings, and how they “do life” for over 10 years now. And I’m not sure where I’d be without the real-life education received from their teachings.

It has been through this process where I have learned learning is lifelong. To raise your game, you can’t stay the same. Anything worthwhile is an uphill battle that takes time and patience. Intentionally changing the way we think and learning real, authentic leadership allows our bandwidth to increase leading to growth. Choosing words and actions wisely, choosing to be around people who push us to get better rather than stay static, and gigantic, focused, intensity...over time...multiplied by God, we can and will start to reach our inner greatest potential. And as we begin to reach our inner greatest potential, we have the opportunity to “be the example”.

As our son’s near-tragic death accident occurred, my wife and I experienced situations in which our hearts sank to levels lower than our feet. We watched a child go through unimaginable pain and suffering, face insurmountable uncertainties, and through a life-changing moment leading to a journey where no one knew what the future would hold. But the beauty of devastating events in which one has the bold opportunity to dig deeper than ever while in the valley and fall back on all those teachings over a lifetime that has formed the core of our inner being and led us to “be the example”.

At the time, as many of you know, we immediately began to share Nash’s journey, simply as a way to inform everyone of what had happened. This led to the feeling of needing to keep people updated. Which then led to a massive outpouring of love and prayers. Leading to a defining moment of understanding there were prayer warriors out there praying so intensely I know it exhausted some deeply like my mother and others. Followed by learning we needed to “feed” those prayer warriors as they needed to know Nash’s progress. We watched the story build of Nash’s inspiration to thousands, and how our family’s actions were positively affecting others in their every day lives, their life journey and some devastating events in other people’s lives.

It was in those communications we began to realize our openness and transparency in Nash’s journey, that we were in the middle of “being a massive example” to so many. Just like my old college roommate had just previously served as a massive Godly example to me several months prior in sharing their son’s life-threatening medical journey.

We unintentionally found ourselves on a life-changing journey of “being the example” to so many. And still are. With that comes responsibility we don’t take lightly! But it is in that, we ask, what example are you being today? What example were you yesterday? To your family, your kids, your team, your business, your school, your friends, your community, your church, or for yourself? Being an example to yourself builds character, wisdom, faith, humility, charisma, and your heart and soul. More is caught than is taught, but we can do both. We can teach and we can take the right actions. The way you think affects the way you act.

What are you thinking this Christmas season? What are you teaching those around you, your family, your kids, and others? Bruce Lee quoted, “Don’t buy your kids the things you never had. Teach them the things you were never taught.” My Christmas challenge to you is to buy your kids or family some “stuff”, but teach them 3 things you were never taught! Teach them something about character, leadership, God, faith, money, work, or family. And knowing a simple fact that more is caught than is taught, show them those teachings through your actions over the next year! Be the example!!!!!


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