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Our greatest opportunity as we approach the new year is to evaluate the negativity factor in our lif

Our greatest opportunity as we approach the new year is to evaluate the negativity factor in our life. The negativity factor is all the things, people, and places that expose our precious mindset to negative thoughts, words, people, actions, attitudes, and influences. To evaluate those factors we need to take 2-3 hours, sit down, and you could do so on New Year’s day, and think through each day of the week and identify the negative tangibles and intangibles such as people, places, things, and the internet that give us a bad attitude and put us in a bad mood. As we formulate our list of before during and after work negativity, or if you are a student, just insert the word school for work, we then take the list and “triage” it. In other words, we place the most important point of negativity at the top, and continue down your list, until you get to the least important point of negativity in your life. From there, we make our list, and logically assess, reflect, and look to resolve our top points. We resolve them through figuring out is there a potential solution to execute or is it a factor that just needs to be extracted from our life. There may be some negativity point in which you are a part of that you are responsible for and you can truly change it. There may be some negativity factors in which are out of your control and you need to remove yourself. Some examples would be, “before work”, our habits in which how we start our day. Do we do things that make our attitudes positive or negative? Do we attempt to execute a few things to help get our lives straight and give us a feeling of accomplishment? Or do you do like I used to and hope on my phone and begin to check out social media or internet media that usually didn’t sit right in my mind, infected my mental mindset setting up my day with an initial shot of negativity espresso? Number 1 suggestion is to do work before work, and read a devotional, or listen to a self-improvement podcast, and study a passion, a hobby, or a side gig potential of interest.

Some during work examples maybe your coworker you work beside comes to work and “isn’t a morning person” ( which is a lazy ass excuse for not giving a damn, sorry for the language but it’s a BS excuse!), and their attitude sucks for an hour or so, or maybe your leader has more of a negative mindset and is infecting the team around them daily. I would advise you to wait until the moment is right, they are in a good mood, and you feel they have an open heart to listen, learn, and have a desire to improve, and simply start a conversation about your life, your mistakes, your negative attitude, and your New Year’s goal of creating positivity in all areas of your life. See what their reception is, then ask them for their thoughts and any ideas they may have on how to help you. From there, a door may open for you to “plant a seed” in their mind about the potential of joining you in your venture or the possibility of your team joining you in your venture!

After work examples maybe is it the news, is it the internet, is it the nonstop ushering kids from point a to point b, or is it the pressure of getting food on the table. All of these potentials have solutions such as watching less or reading less of the news, taking an internet sabbatical outside of positive things you are passionate about, or reducing activity loads, or food prepping the weekend before. Or even simply sandwiches for the crew. Or better yet, identify kids by the day to help put supper together. They come up with what you are to eat and help prepare it! We do some of this and it involves learning, growing your kids, but you may also be surprised by what your kids want to make or eat. At the end of the day, our world has become very negative and very agitating to many of us simply by the pressures of work, the buffet of hate on the internet, and the barrage of hate on the internet, along with the duties of parenting and working to make sure our kids may be involved in all things so that they didn’t “miss” anything. Beyond those things, our world is filled with “haters” that have routine feeding frenzies on torching others in their life and success if any sort of mistake is made be it trivial or monumental. There are “haters” out there trying to take you down if you are trying to do anything worthy at all. Negative words are more powerful words than positive words because bad is stronger than good. Being negative, nit-picky, or a critic, is much easier than being positive, an innovator, or a doer. But, negativity breeds positivity and positivity breeds positivity. Negativity compounds, and so does positivity. Which will you choose? Because it’s simply a choice! Make your list and execute!!

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