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VET Leader One Day Launch 2019

Are you struggling with relationships at work? Do you have questions on how to handle conflict at home and at work? Have you had a situation in which you felt you could have handled better but need to talk to someone for more wisdom? Are you looking to partner in a team member or associate, looking to sell your business or transition out? Or maybe you are a young professional with kids and trying to navigate the demanding world of work and parenting looking for some help on both?

We have the most inspiring, rejuvenating day available for you!! We are super jacked to announce the launch of our growing and continually improved VET Leader One Day, geared to be a day all about YOU! Our Visionary Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow One Day event has 100% started out of a passion to create an intentional environment for learning, self-improvement, and fire up the passion inside your soul to be able to leave armed with new practical information provided by Rockstars who are actually “doing it” every day. No presentations by folks with theories and opinions, but 100% of the information provided by people in the trenches in the real-world creating success for themselves, their teams, and those people around them each day. If you attend, we expect you to leave and take action on Monday given the information provided will give you the opportunity to do so. We look to help address your daily challenges that may be “driving you nuts”!

Our VET Leader One Day was conceived and born out of Dr. Nels speaking all over the United States interacting with many different people before and after his talks, coming to him with “real” problems”, and his compassion for them and desire to simply help them. He can’t be all places at all times, and out of the problem looking for a solution, decided to hold a conference for veterinarians to convene together for a day to help bring real workable, tested solutions to people’s people problems, as well as more on operations, finance, and marketing. Another goal being so that people could have answers to their problems that could be “put to use on Monday”. We have to be able to be armed and given information that is practical, useable, and time tested, that is what the marketplace and people are begging for. Ever since the conception of this event, we have had other non-veterinarians wanting to attend and have allowed them to, but this year for the very first time, we are opening it up to any person passionate about making a change in their life and those that they influence!

So if you are challenged and tormented about the intricate daily details of running a business, leading your people, growing yourself and your people, and maybe even looking for some help in your life and even parenting, then we want you to be at our VET Leader One Day!! We 100% guarantee you will leave 100% satisfied, energized, and ready to go out and “kill it” or there is a 100% money back guarantee! Come join us on July 26th for one of the best days of your life!!

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