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2 Simple Ways To Build Trust

Have you ever worked in a workplace where your boss or direct report was inconsistent in their daily actions? Was it an environment of you never knew which version of Boss X was going to show up at work? Was it going to be the Happy Boss X Version or was it going to be the Jekyll Boss X version? Many of us have been in those unpredictable environments and most all human beings don’t perform optimally in those environments because it creates an eggshell environment.

At one point in my life, I worked at one of those places, and each day was a new day of differing versions of the Boss, of which you didn’t know if the Boss was going to be Jekyll or Hide. And in that environment, you could not only see the anxiety in people’s hearts, but you could also feel the stress at palpable levels in the air. In those situations, your people operate scared and fearful of the next words or actions going to come forth from the Jekyll or Hide Boss. People would walk on eggshells every day until the boss would leave for a bit, and then a sucking sound of air swept through the office as everyone took a big huge deep breath upon the Boss’s exit.

Relaxed, without tension, and no anxiety in the team’s hearts, work production would take off and productivity would go back to normal or higher levels. Everyone could walk around the workplace not worried they were crushing dozens of eggs as they walked around the workplace.

Trust in relationships is very powerful in any situation at work, home, or socially. And building trust in those relationships requires consistent and predictable attitudes, actions, and behaviors. No one likes or is attracted to inconsistent unpredictable attitudes, actions, or behaviors. And if you are trying to lead an organization or your family, consistent leadership removes confusion, anxiety, stress, and unsuccessful relationships.

Make it your goal to do 2 things over the next 66 days.

#1 Be Consistent in your actions, attitudes, and behaviors.

#2 Be Predictable in all that you do each day.

How you show up to work, when you show up to work, your predictable real authentic genuine smiling compassionate soul will be contagious and magnetic to your environment and culture.

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