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You Have 10,080 Minutes

Every week there are infernos of chaos we all fight through. Dreaded decisions to make. Events and things to do, but we just aren’t ready or aren’t prepared to execute. But the best part of it, is we have 52 opportunities each year to get a do-over. And the next best part is there are 10,080 minutes each week to do so.

Time management is a crucial aspect to our success, and the best time managers will execute at much higher levels than those that don’t. Some folks like Mark Wahlberg, brother of Donnie Wahlberg of New Kids on the Block, and member of Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch(how about those throwback groups!), is one of the best time managers on the planet. His day begins with the alarm going off at 2:30 am, next up is prayer time, and ends with bedtime at 7:30 pm. And all things in between are a regimented schedule literally minute by minute. Google it to check it out!

Research also shows that kids in college that work has higher GPA’s than kids in college that don’t work. And the top reason why is the kids that work through college become better managers of their time. We can all think of a few individuals who have little to accomplish yet the little they do have to accomplish takes all day. The key aspect being, the more we have on our plates, typically the better those people become at managing their time, which in turn leads to greater success. Which often results in a domino effect of more success.

The realized opportunity or unrealized opportunity is that no matter how much or no matter what is on our plate, it is our opportunity to take advantage of all of those 10,080 minutes a week to do whatever it is we need to accomplish. As life progresses, we tend to realize this. My dad used to say, “Nothing good happens after 10 o’clock.” And this was in relation to my typical behaviors as a high school and college kid, of which you all can imagine. But as life progresses, the saying holds true. We can stay up later and later watching tv, binging on Netflix, browsing the internet, or waste countless hours on social media accomplishing little to nothing of any value or constructive improvement to ourselves or our family. Even as adults we can get to bed too late, and in return often making for a difficult alarm clock wake up call.

So the key points to managing our time better each day start with 3 very simple objectives. #1, join the 5 am club and get up at 5 am. #2, get to bed earlier. Depending on the hours required for you to function at a high level, get to bed at the time that allows you to get those hours of sleep to get up at 5 am. #3, utilize the hours from 5 am to 730 or 8 am very wisely, as no one else is up to bother you, call you, email you, message you, etc. This 120-180 minutes of our time can be very powerful. And if you are a mom or dad getting kids up and ready for school, you still have an hour to digest your upcoming day, meditate, do laundry, get meals together, and maybe even “just breathe” to yourself for a bit.

We can either waste the 120-180 minutes at night of valuable important time, or we can get to bed earlier, wake up earlier, and execute those 120-180 minutes of valuable time by being an early riser and accomplishing tasks with a refreshed and energized brain. As my dad always said, “Nothing good happens after 10 o’clock.” And regardless of the season of life, he is right. You have 10,080 minutes each week to take advantage of!

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