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Life Creates Chaos

Life creates chaos, growth creates chaos, progress creates chaos. The key to chaos is ensuring the chaos is constructive and not destructive. I started telling our staff years ago about how we created chaos in the culture of growth created within our organization. Entrepreneurs create chaos, we then have to get it managed, before more growth. But we can all think of the deconstructive chaos. The people that gossip. The people that create drama, live in drama, breathe drama, and are the storm. There are people in the background that nonstop create the chatter in the background that is destructive chaos.

The question is, where are you in your chaos? Where are you in your constructive chaos? If you are in destructive chaos, you have a lot of work to purposefully, and intentionally change a number of things going on in your life. But for those in constructive chaos, most likely created by you due to your desire to achieve a greater purpose, where are you? One can often create their own storms of trials. It is that feeling of when fear grabs you by the throat and tries to drown you. That fear tries to grab you by the heart and stops the heartbeat that gets you out of bed each early morning. We create these moments, and it is these storms that give you confidence from your past victory. One must have the persistence to overcome resistance. Your constructive chaos creates those storms, and the storms create lions, and fierce lions win.

You will have adversity, but don’t focus on the adversity or the threat. Focus on the threat creates fear, focus on the opportunity. Focusing on the opportunity creates potential. And above all, don’t focus on the chaos. Catch up to the chaos, but don ‘t focus on it. In the middle of the chaos, people will fail you. Expect it. In the middle of the chaos, people will want you to fail. Expect it. Move forward through the chaos!

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