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Your heart is like a greenhouse, our thoughts are the seeds, and your mind is the doorway to our gre

Max Lucado teaches us your heart is like a greenhouse. Our thoughts are the seeds, and your mind is the doorway to your greenhouse. What we feed our mind, goes right through our brain and prefrontal cortex, then on deeper into our brain to begin to formulate our thoughts. Our heart is the powerhouse of our bodies, and it allows us to grow or decay. What we feed our mind is the water and the food we feed the seeds and that is often tainted water or food that is not healthy for our seeds or growing plants. I recently allowed some “seeds” into my greenhouse, as I thought I could walk through their “doorway” and plant a couple of seeds (thoughts) and make some real change. Followed by a little water and fertilizer, and let some new plants grow in our community greenhouse. My mind, the “seeds” I allowed into it, led me to believe I could help them understand their effect on the culture in a community through the negativity they allowed from within, even though it was external to their control in their minds. As the conversations and seeds grew, the “doorway” began to swing back and forth, and the “greenhouse” started to lose its light. My heart began to realize, I could not reach them, but I had allowed a couple of seeds to plant into my own heart a number of years ago that I was going to have to let die, and plant some new seeds in my greenhouse. It was a very difficult journey to work through, to get to the point of understanding I had to let those seeds die, but sometimes we have to do that so that we can plant some new seeds. We allow different thoughts into our minds every day that affect our hearts. We allow different seeds to come through the doorway of our greenhouse every day. But it is up to us to pick and choose the right seeds we allow into our greenhouse to be planted into our hearts. Sometimes we pick the wrong seeds, and it is up to us to not fertilize those plants. They may decay and die and we must then remove them from our greenhouse.

Our hearts may be in the right place, but some seeds don’t need to be planted in our hearts. You may be left with some decaying seeds that bother you and you need to move forward. Those seeds are bothering their greenhouse, so move on. Plant some new seeds!!!

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