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4 Things Real Leaders Can't Avoid

Do you have aspirations of being a leader? Or maybe you are a leader now? Regardless, we can all lead in our own way from where our feet stand currently. We don’t have to be the President of a company or the Principal of the school, or own the business, or be the Head Coach. We have influence on those around of each day and with that comes the opportunity to lead. But if you want to be a leader, it needs to be for the right reasons and we must purify our reasons. We can’t do it for fame or fortune, and we absolutely can’t do it if we think it’s about our own desires and accomplishments. Great leaders do messy things. Courageous leaders hire people better than themselves. Confident leaders empower their people.

The following are 4 things real leaders can’t avoid.

Difficult conversations – these things are energy vampires, and we often want to procrastinate the difficult conversation. But procrastinating the conversation only perpetuates the behavior you are planning to visit about. Get prepared, focus on the solution, remain calm, and have the conversation about your expectation.

Healthy conflict – it is human nature to avoid conflict. It makes us uncomfortable and is stressful, and just genuinely don’t like disagreement. But we can use conflict to create authentic conversation, be transparent, intentional listening, and produce clarity for solutions. Not focusing on the conflict, but the solution, and the core values that serve as your guide.

Intentional meetings – many people hate meetings, they are useless most often and unproductive for many organizations. But leaders are organized, prepared, lead the discussion to draw out issues and get them addressed. Meetings create an opportunity to verbalize the struggles and issues, and result with team created solutions rather than leadership driven solutions. Which in turn creates job satisfaction, buy-in, empowerment, and begins the process of establishing an ownership mentality. People that give input and solutions will also take ownership.

Love your people – when I bought AMC in 2005, I had no idea how to truly demonstrate love to no one else but family. But the greatest leaders all have a true love for their people, and it is demonstrated through their actions daily. Starting about 8 years ago, I began to grasp this concept and show my love for our people through my actions, and not just words. Creation of a loving culture takes work and will seem almost “weird” at first. Your people may not expect it when you begin to talk about it, do it, and show it. Some may even withdrawal. But those that want to be on your team will come closer and grow an even tighter bond with the team. Hug them, tell them you love them, pray for them, pray with them, be there for them. It’s that simple.

All people need real leadership. Most all people are dying for real leadership. And these 4 objectives are things we all can do and need to do, regardless of where we are in life and our pursuit of greatness! Make it happen and keep at it!!!

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