There Is No Substitue For Face To Face Conversation

We live in a world today were we spend 10 times as much time behind a device and one-tenth the time face to face in conversation or discussion. We live in a world where information moves at least 50 times faster than ever. All of these things going on, where we are more connected than ever yet 10% of the people feel they have no one to talk to. We live in a world where we can “withdraw our sword for battle,,,,,, and march into battle behind our digital device screen and begin to type!” What a battlefield huh..? Takes real courage just like the greatest generation marching up onto the beaches of Normandy braced for real battle. (insert sarcasm) The advent digital devices along with soc

What is the value of 1 hour a month?

What if you could have one hour a month or a week to get all the important people, your trusted friends, trusted mentors, very close friends, in your life together to discuss your path and journey in life so that you could ask for guidance or advice on how you to get where you want to go? Or simply discuss what is going on in your life right now to see what kind of thoughts and discussion it might stimulate. We would call it a so called “Personal Advisory Board” or a “Personal Staff Meeting”. How awesome might that be? I had a feedyard client ask me to talk about staff meetings a while back, and this is how those thoughts got into my forgetful brain, but since I had them wrote down, I cou

You’ve Got To Give Up, To Go Up

Most all people in life want to naturally achieve more in life or want to do better in life. It is fairly natural for most all of us. The challenge in those things is our actions often don’t align with what it takes for what we want to attain. These simple or complex things are basic goals. Sometimes they could be as simple as getting someone called by the end of the day to schedule a meeting, or could be getting a book read by tonight, or could be as complex as meeting a targeted revenue goal that will take a series of actions to get there. Most often, we have a to-do list of daily goals, maybe even weekly, monthly, or yearly, but some sort of an execution item list to accomplish what we ne

We Don't Want to Be Like Them

I was listening to a podcast last week while enjoying my windshield time, and the person being interviewed does some leadership coaching to Dabo Swinney and his Clemson football team. They were discussing Dabo's interview for the job, when he was told by the interview committee, "We want to be like Michigan, Alabama, USC. We want to emulate what they do and be the very best like they are." And his response was so awesome. He said, "No, no. You all have it wrong! My plan with the Clemson football program is to not be like them, my plan is to be the organization that everyone else wants to be!" Well, fast forward a few years, it looks like he is well on his way to establishing that kind of pre

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